The Original Australian Post Driver

EARTHQUAKE Post Rammers are the first choice for fencing contractors Australia wide. Developed to increase production and safety the Earthquake Post Rammers are proving to be a most beneficial tool for all types of contractors and a wide variety of tasks.


The Earthquake Post Rammers have built in Retrofit Ability. You can up grade your post rammer with a range of features including different hitches and frames, auger drives, hole makers, hydraulic grabs, mega punch or tilt-attach when required.

The number one choice for:

  • Farm Fencing
  • Cattle Yards
  • Vineyards and Horticulture
  • Jetty and Marine Construction
  • Bridges and Walkways
  • Sediment Weirs
  • Solar Farms
  • Landscaping
  • Soil Conservation
  • Civil Construction


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If it's for steel posts like drill stem (bore casing), rail iron or gal posts hydraulic post rammers will punch posts into even the hardest ground types.



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Designed and Engineered in Australia!

Hydraulic Post Rammers of this style were first developed on the Darling Downs, Queensland by Mick Dowel and Luke Scheuerle.

Working with fencing contractors and farmers to produce the most powerful and productive hydraulic fence post rammers available.

Now seen in all regions of Queensland - Hunter Valley, Central West and Western NSW - Gippsland, Riverina and Western Victoria - Tasmania and Eastern South Australia, the Pilbara, Western Australia and Alice Springs in the Norhern Territory. Our Hydraulic Post Rammers offer fantastic value for money with awesome production ratios.


Post Rammer is proud to have a huge range of hydraulic post rammers to suit all budgets and work types provided by Earthquake. From their new range of Rural Rammers, the ever popular S Series and also the new and customisable Pro and AG Pro series post rammers.

The Rural Rammer (R series) range came about with the influx of cheaply made Chinese copies of the original Post Rammers. The Rural Rammers are designed for farmers who still want to pack a punch and wack in a whole lot of posts but its not their fulltime job.

The Silenced Rammer (S series) is by far the most popular post rammer to date with units from Cape York to Hobart and Katherine to Sale and everywhere in between. 

The Pro and AG Pro Rammer (Pro series) is a range of post rammers that suit your safety,  budget, production and imagination requirements. They are made to attach to just about any machine type including excavators, skid steer loaders, telehandlers and tractors with varying power and weights.

Safety First: Fencing is back breaking work! With our Pro and AG Pro range you can drill the holes and lift the posts safely without having to get out of the machine.

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We are proud of the fact that no manufacturing or components of our Post Rammers are made in China.


How Post Rammers work.

There are 5 main parts in a post rammer.

1) The Back Head - Bolts onto the cylinder and maintains compression of the Nitrogen.

2) The Cylinder - Contains the Piston, Nitrogen and the Oil Valving.

3) The Front Head - Also bolts on the cylinder and contains the Bottom and Ring Bushes. These bushes control the centralised movement of the Post Cup.

4) The Post Cup - The part that strikes the post.

5) The Case - This houses the rammer main body which comprises the back head, cylinder and front head.

When the Post Cup is engaged on the post the operator of the machine pushes a button or foot peddle that operates the hydraulic auxiliary flow function on the machine.

Hydraulic Oil is then sent to the post rammer and through hydraulic valving, the oil controls the movement of a piston inside the rammer body. On the down stroke the piston then strikes the post cup causing it to hit the post. On the return stroke the piston moves upwards and the nitrogen in the cylinder is compressed and absorbs the shock from the upward stroke. Once the piston starts to move downwards from the now expanding nitrogen the oil valve then charges the hydraulic oil to force the piston down again.

This operation of the hydraulic oil moving the piston happens very quickly. On some of our post rammers at over 1000 beats per minute! 

Post Rammers are also known as Hydraulic Rammers, Hydraulic Post Rammers, Post Drivers, Hydraulic Post Drivers, Hydraulic Drivers.


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